Here We Go Again….

Okay, I know what some of you are thinking because I wondered the same thing…”what the heck happened to fitandsexyfe?”. Now if you haven’t followed me from 2012 then you’d have no idea what I am talking about and I am totally okay with that because, who even is that girl anymore. I will touch more on fitandsexyfe some day but for today….why am I back? Oh my goodness. Sooooo much has happened in my life. So much soul searching, career change, moved states, new relationship, non-existent period (gasp!)…just life right? Main topic of discussion, PCOS! Why PCOS? Because it NEEDS to be talked about. Enough of the hush hush on the topic. We must get this out! Too many of us suffer in silence for one reason or another. Probably because most women around us do not related or understand at all. “Well what do you mean you don’t have a period?” “Well what do you mean you can’t lose weight?” “Well what do you mean you have to wax your facial hair?” Yea….I can’t be the only one. And i KNOW I am not the only one. I do not think there are enough role models for women like me. I don’t have that role model so this is why I am here with you today! My hope is that I can use this platform to educate, inform, and share a journey to (drum roll…) HAVING A DANG PERIOD!!! Um yea…for those that don’t understand you’re probably like, why does she care about having a period? If you’re asking that then this isn’t for you (you can stay for recipes and workouts I’ll share at some point :-)). This is for my girls that get it…hollaa!! Lets do this ladies, together! I am not a professional at this, but I am a regular girl trying to figure out not only why me but what I can do about it with natural and holistic remedies. Here we go!!

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9 thoughts on “Here We Go Again….

  1. Man I love this Blog I too was one of your IG followers/ fan of fitnessfe I remember going to your page everyday just to get me motivated to head to the gym. I too wondered where you went after competition but I totally get how you feel! I know the feeling of thinking you’re fat but all along you looked awesome prior to competition. I use to want to compete but seeing what people endure I’m like it’s not even worth suffering😩. I am learning to love me and the skin I’m in as I too was on that dark side. Social media will do that to you! I now have new goals and that is to be healthy and live stress free! I have not had meet for 20 days which was huge for me. As for the PCOS I have never been diagnosed but my doctor thought that’s what I have. I have facial hair which I hate but I have been having laser treatments which seem to be working weight is higher than it ever has been in the past but who cares lol. Thanks girlfriend for posting this you rock and I’m sorry I typed so much.

    1. I’m glad you noticed before you got trapped and competed too!! I am not one to tell someone what to do but seriously this is one thing i would say like just don’t do it. Self love is a process! Keep working on that gf. I’m a work in progress on that topic as well

  2. Fe! You go! Where were you when I was trying to get pregnant?! Let me tell you, finding out I had PCOS at 36 and trying to have a kiddo is a bitch. What a roller coaster…I get pregnant with infertility meds, miscarry, then get pregnant immediately with Liam with no meds at all after being told it would be impossible without meds. This is after trying for over a year. Then I’m told I can’t do any of my laser treatments for my face until after the pregnancy and I’m done breastfeeding 😬…well tweezers and that ole razor it is! I’ve survived, have a beautiful babe and have learned so much. Keep up the great work! I’ll be watching for updates 😘

    1. Abby thanks for responding girl! I had no idea you were going through this also!!! It’s crazy because when i do talk about it some people are like what? I don’t understand. But then people close to me like you say you feel the same struggle too!!! It’s is SO crazy that you did the fertility meds, it didn’t work, then your beautiful babe came when you were even trying. But i am SO happy it did happen. Thank you for sharing Abby!!

  3. I may not be on the same journey as you, but I am one of your biggest supporters. And I am excited to follow and perhaps be part of this journey. I am excited to see what happens for ya. I love you fefe! 😘💜

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