Holistic Wellness Coaching

Through my career as a Registered Nurse, I have learned the number one cause of patient readmission is the lack of proper education and the lack of health care providers to ensure their patients are receiving the information in a way that is beneficial to them. Everyone learns differently. You cannot hand someone a brochure and expect they understand it while failing to realize that person never was taught how to read or send them home with directions to eat a healthy diet low in fat, sodium, and cholesterol without giving specific examples that help them. My purpose as a Health and Wellness coach is to support real people that want to improve on and optimize their health goals. This is not a program that will focus only on weight loss and I will not be the coach counting your macros, getting picture updates and asking you to weigh in for me every week. Instead, this is to focus on your overall health, physically and mentally. I have such a wealth of knowledge and a passion for health that I believe I can help you to get on the right track with your goals. I do understand that most will come to me with the goal of wanting to lose weight and I believe that is great! You have to realize, weight loss is much more than what your weight is, but what is your minds focus and your thought process of yourself through all of this. You could be dealing with unmanageable stress and trying to lose weight, failing to realize that if you don’t combat the stress first then the weight loss will never happen successfully. As a whole, my sole purpose and service to you is

  • Proper food to eat for your condition
  • Paleo and Whole 30 guidance
  • Creating grocery lists and meal planning for the week
  • How to meal prep
  • How to read labels
  • Types of exercise for you specifically
  • Mental health
  • Stress management
  • Self care
  • Organizing your week and setting yourself up for a successful week
  • Forming health habits
  • Supplements

I am looking to real people that are ready to receive one on one help and coaching with their holistic health goals, weight loss, hormonal imbalance, anxiety, depression, insulin resistance, or those that simply want guidance with meal planning, grocery shopping, and reading product/nutrition labels.


I am not here to take over the advice of your Primary Care Provider but instead, emphasize and guide what they have prescribed. Nursing is all about education. We do a ton of teaching. I want to help you!

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