My Must Have Whole 30 Items

Here I am sharing a few of my whole 30 survival mode must haves! Me not finishing Whole 30 was not an option, so I had to find some of my favorite products that kept me on track, helped me make delicious food, and delicious snacks for when I was in a pinch during my long 12 hour extremely busy night shifts!

1. RX Bars- These are so perfect and convenient for when you’re in a pinch! RX bars are super clean, and don’t use sugar to sweeten the bars. So double win!

2. Rao’s pasta sauce- Of course pasta isn’t whole 30 compliant, but having pasta sauce to add to dishes packs on so much flavor nd makes your pasta noodle free dishes delicious! My favorite way to use Rao’s pasta sauce was over top baked or grilled chicken.

3. Coconut Aminos- Coconut aminos is used as a replacement of soy sauce. So if you find yourself out at a sushi bar ordering some whole 30 compliant sauce, pack up some coconut aminos. Fun fact: They also have to go packs.

4. Tessemae’s dressings and sauces-Most of the line of sauces are whole 30 compliant. Be sure to check the label before using if you are on a round. This is also perfect for salads. I especially love the BBQ sauce where i’ve made BBQ meatballs or topped the BBQ sauce on a bunless burger!

5. Primal Kitchen Avocado Mayo- This was an absolute must have for my tuna salad or for the base of making sauces for my chicken and fish dishes.

6. Bubly Sparkling Water-Strawberry is my favorite flavor from this brand and it was a life saver since technically most tasty beverages are full of sugar. Natural fruit flavors are allowed with Whole 30 and therefore, was constantly stocked in my fridge!

7. Nutpods- Most people tend to stop drinking coffee once on a round because of their love for the cream and sugar that they add typically. For me, I have learned to either drink it black, add almond milk, or add some flavorful nutpods creamer. I typically add just a dash because the coconut milk is so sweet it doesn’t need much more than that!

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