My PCOS Journey

I am not a endocrinologists, not someone who feels is an expert in the topic nor am I a world renowned author or writer, BUT I am what I hope to be a more relatable girl that lives with PCOS every single day and a story to tell about it . Born and raised in Michigan, i have two bachelors degrees, not currently married and no children (not a shocker here). My PCOS journey takes me way back to middle school. I first got my period when i was 12 years old. I got it once more maybe 6 months later and then didn’t come back anymore. My mom made me a doctors appointment as this is not normal but my MD made me to believe it was completely fine. I was extremely active and it was not unusual for young girls my age, highly active to not see their period regularly. From there i was put on birth control. With birth control i had regular periods and everything was just fine. Once in college, i began the up and down with my weight but that is when i learned to appreciate the routine of a healthy diet and regular exercise. In 2011 i started my Instagram page which was focused solely on diet and exercise. In 2013 i decided (for whatever reason) doing a bodybuilding competition would be so much fun! I can do details of my competition prep and the competition in a later blog because that is a long story! After the competition is where the struggle began with food and exercise and finding a normal routine with it all. I put on weight that i didn’t ask for (lol) and so with that i tried every diet you can think of. Because of my restriction during competition, my brain really struggled with telling my self, “no you can’t have that”. It didn’t work for me so “dieting” just was not gonna happen. During this time i was still taking birth control and decided in 2016 that i was done taking it. I wanted to let my body be normal and let my body regulate my hormones on its own. Well boy was i wrong. In over a year i had one single period on my own. I went to my doctor where i received an ultra sound that displayed what i hoped was not gonna be the case…the ring of pearls on both ovaries. (Head to the PCOS tab to learn more).

IMG_1685 2

Well there goes all of my problems right there. I was giving a few different medications from my doctor to jump start my period but it was a temporary fix. After that i started researching heavily what is the best way to fix PCOS. Certain supplements came up, i tried it, certain diets came up, tried that as well. In the end of it all, i don’t believe I’ve given anything a fair try. You have to be willing to commit to a new diet and/or supplement for at least a few months before you see result and i was giving up after just a few weeks. So i am here today, and now. Ready to give some things a try long term and to see what it takes for me to get these hormones balanced and this period of mine flowing like a woman’s should. A clear face and some weight loss would be an added bonus!

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