My PCOS Journey

I am not a endocrinologists, not someone who feels is an expert in the topic nor am I a world renowned author or writer, BUT I am what I hope to be a more relatable girl that lives with PCOS every single day and a story to tell about it . Born and raised in…


Quinoa Salad

I follow several food bloggers on Instagram, and I came across one that had this great idea when it came to making her grocery list. She first writes down what she already has in her kitchen, then forms a plan for what she will make from the existing items and then purchases the needed items….

The Struggle is Real

Yall…… Last week was a struggle. I went back to work after being off for two lovely weeks. I was extremely tired every day, I was moody every day, I was hating waking up going to work, I wasn’t interested in much interaction with anyone….it was rough. I couldn’t necessarily pin point one specific reason…