PCOS…and why it’s a problem

PCOS….the inspiration to this blog. Let’s talk about it. Why is it such a big deal? Well hopefully if you are unfamiliar you have checked out the info page that gives a simple and brief explanation of what it is all about. I also gave a wonderful story of what led up to me realizing I even have PCOS on my about me page. Fast forward to now…Cue the sad violin song..I do not have a period, I can’t lose weight, and I got hair growing in places i rather it not be showing up to! I decided to stop my birth control because some day I want to be able to have some beautiful babies. I stopped using my birth control summer 2016 and since then I have had one period on my own. Oh man and at that one time that I did, I was sooooooo excited to get my period. I just knew that it was the start of normalcy for me. It came, it went, and never came back again without the help of medication. I was prescribed progesterone (provera) one time, got my period maybe 7 days after finishing the 10 day pill and that was that. Just a few months ago, my doctor gave me the choice of either restarting my birth control (refusing refusing refusing!!!) or starting metformin. Metformin is typically for diabetics and I questioned my doctor because why would I take metformin if I have a perfectly normal A1C? Due to the capability of PCOS causing insulin resistance, metformin is the so called magical drug. It magically give you a stomach ache. Flat out. No thanks! So that leaves me with…diet and supplements! Some diets I have tried are paleo, keto, high carb, low carb, vegan…you name it. The problem with trying is it was only a try. Nothing worked because I didn’t stick to anything. It is known that because of (heres that work again) Insulin resistance that PCOS causes, anything that has high amounts of carbs are not good for the treatment of PCOS which is why keto checks out to be one of the best diet cures. I personally am not interested in keto but I highly encourage you to try if that is what works for you. My favorite diet of them all was paleo. I enjoyed all the food and didn’t feel as restricted as other diets, while still focusing on whole food and lower carbs. The hope is to eventually adapt paleo-ish lifestyle…stay tuned in future blogs for progress on this…i hope :-). In addition to trialing diets, I have tried certain supplements known to specifically help women with PCOS. Ovasitol and Maca powder are two that I tried. Ovasitol…throw it in the trash. My goodness, stomach ache was way worse than the metformin. Curled over on my couch type of stomach pain. I spent a lot of money on that so i was pretty bummed I couldn’t give it a fair go. Maca powder, funny thing is when I took maca powder for about a month is the one time I got my period. I ran out and never renewed my supply. I plan to repurchase that and continue it again. The ultimate and biggest issue in the end, I cannot have kids without medical help if I do not find a way to solve this soon. Infertility is the biggest issue most women with PCOS have. The chances of becoming pregnant without help is low and the chance of miscarriage after conceiving is very high. My biological clock is tick tick ticking away so I would love to resolve this, holistically!

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  1. Hi…you might want to look into I have gone through this clinic for type 2 diabetes due to insulin resistance. They have treated many patients with PCOS with success through diet and lifestyle modifications. Best of luck.

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