Plan of Care Update #1- Hormones are Normal!


Seriously, physically and mentally i am feeling stronger and better each day. So i did a plan of care about a month ago and there i stated that i was giving myself 3 months to have a normal menstrual period, clearer skin, and weight loss. I am happy to say in 1 month i have noticed improvements in all 3 areas….yes after not having a period since July 2017 i finally started my period!!! My skin although still a work in progress is so much better. As far as my weight goes, i lost my scale due to an upstairs bathroom flood into my apartment so I’m not sure number wise if I’ve lost weight but my clothes fit differently!

So yay i finally got my period! Funny story, i went to vitamin shop to restock my maca powder and the lady working there asks me “have you seen results yet?” Meaning have i gotten a period yet lol. I laughed and said not yet but i am hopeful and then boom. It’s here just 2 days later! I think my supplements combined with my improved diet, sleep, and stress control all had a factor in this. I hope to continue this progress with my hormonal balance!

My skin is visibly clearer. I was getting breakouts with huge areas of acne. It’s not 100% but it’s so much better than what it was! A great part of it i believe is the collagen peptides i have started using but again, the improved lifestyle with every area is what i think they key is. It can’t just be, i take collagen peptides but don’t fix anything else that could contribute to poor skin like a horrible diet and not enough water. It all works together.

The weight loss speaks for itself. Again. I have no clue how much i have lost but if i can visibly see in my clothes AND my very critical mother (who’s Mom isn’t lol) even says i am as well then that is all the confirmation that i need! So although before intentionally making an effort to balance my hormones, i was working out, i still needed to show improvement. Of course without the consistency in my workouts and my diet, i wasn’t going to see any change. And the diet specifically being paleo based or like i like to call it, paleo-ish. I told myself i wouldn’t limit myself on food. If i wanted it then i would have it and not feel guilty about it. But at the same time, that didn’t mean i was going to go ham on pizza every night because that is what i wanted to do. No. I made the focus my health instead of the focus being how i looked and that was a major game changer for me!

If i can have a take away for how my last month has been and why it’s been so good it would be shift your focus! Make your focus about your health and not what you wish to see and everything else will start to fall into place! This is what i plan to continue to do for myself

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Current Supplement Routine

Figuring out what supplements to take can be a daunting task. Like are they even necessary? Do they even work? Well supplements are just that, they supplement an already existing healthy lifestyle. So I have carefully researched what I feel will benefit me best. I knew the areas I needed improving in, despite my every day healthy diet filled with lean protein, fruits and veggies. I looked for supplements that would help my skin, every day energy, hormonal balance, gut health, immunity and brain function.


Collagen peptides are super beneficial for me. With my PCOS and my hormones being completely out of wack, it has caused some major unwanted acne on my skin. This collagen is made to boost the health of the skin while also providing benefits for hair, nails, bones and joints. It has 18g of protein per serving so for me, I have found it unnecessary to add whey protein anymore. Besides, I have been wanting to be done with whey protein anyway because whey is a dairy product and dairy does not do very well with my gut and skin. This specific product is flavorless so it can truly be added to anything. I have enjoyed it in my morning coffee and my morning smoothies.


Fish Oil: Omega 3 and Omega 6 is so vital for our bodies. These essential fatty acids help improve our brain function as well as our cardiovascular health. Fish provides the best source of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids but because I know I do not eat fish every day, I have added this as a daily supplement.

Calcium, Magnesium, and Zinc: Extremely important for muscle and nerve function and the zinc adds the property of metabolic and hormonal function. Which of course as we all know, I absolutely need!

Probiotic: This helps me to maintain a healthy gut. I have written about this before and I cannot preach enough how important it is for our daily health to have a healthy and happy gut. In addition to the daily probiotic pill, I tend to drink kombucha and that has natural probiotics and are so beneficial for our bodies!

Vitamin B Complex: I live a busy life, working a full time job and quickly start to feel run down when I am working back to back 12 hour shifts. So I have added this B complex vitamin in order to help with every day energy.


Maca Root Powder: Maca has been super super important for my hormonal health. I have used this in the past and got my period back so I have made sure to add it in for this round with working on balancing my hormones.


I have been known to start taking supplements and then just falling all the way off. Its too much to open every single bottle every single morning and sift out the correct dose (1st world probs) so I have come up with a solution! I know this probably makes me very high on the geriatric side but they are on to something with these pill organizers here. I picked out a purple one to jazz it up for my personal taste. It has helped me so so much to stay on track!

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